Stop Stain | Barrier Cream

Stop Stain | Barrier Cream

Stop Stain, a barrier cream that protects and shields the skin from possible stains or marks during the dyeing process.  The product should be applied to the face and any area coming in contact with colouring or colour-removal products.  The creamy texture and filmogenic action of Stop Stain protect the skin. This results in a reduction in skin sensitivity and effective protection from the stress of a chemical treatment.

Professional use

External use


Before applying the hair colour, apply a thin layer of the product near the roots (face, neck) and on the ears. Do not apply on the hair as this can interfere with the hair colour. After leaving on for the setting time, rinse and massage along with the colour.

  • Shields the skin from stains.
  • Has a creamy texture due to its filmogenic and protective
  • Reduces and offers protection from the stress of the colouring process.