Keratin Time | Regenerative Mask with Natural Keratin

Keratin Time | Regenerative Mask with Natural Keratin

Thanks to its formulation rich in natural keratin, the Keratin Time regenerative mask reactivates, intensifies, and prolongs the result of the keratin treatment. Essential for rediscovering your hair’s natural well-being, the mask promotes the repair and regeneration of the hair fibre. Strengthened and nourished from within, hair reveals its natural beauty and softness.

250 ml bottle

  • Natural keratin, nourishes and strengthens the hair structure
  • Cocoa beans, seal the cuticle
  • Sodium chloride, sulphate, alcohol and formaldehyde-free


  • Repairing
  • Gentle action
  • Creates natural shine
  • Combats hair ageing
  • Hydrates the scalp


Keratin time is the Reconstructive treatment with Natural Keratin.

Apply evenly on wet hair. Distribute evenly and massage gently. Rinse and let dry naturally.

Part the hair into sections and apply with a soft brush, spreading with a comb. Leave to set from 10′ (sensitised hair) to 30′ (resistant hair). After eliminating any excess product and drying with a hair dryer and brush, use the hair straightener on thin strands.

Apply to damp hair and distribute evenly. Proceed directly to drying. Re-Play does not require rinsing.

Prolongs the effects of Keratin Time thanks to the Home Post-Treatment:

  • Reactivating Shampoo with Natural Keratin
  • Reactivating Mask with Natural Keratin