Argan Time | Argan Oil for hair

Argan Time | Argan Oil for hair

Allow yourself to be seduced by the beauty of Gold with nourishing Argan Oil. It is ideal for all hair types. Taking advantage of its composition rich in invigorating elements, such as Vitamin E, and its antioxidant and anti-ageing properties, Argan Oil offers immediate softness and shine, without leaving residues or weighing the hair down. At the same time, it refreshes and protects colour. Just a few drops of this extraordinary elixir will let you rediscover amazingly healthy and glossy hair. You’ll get hair that is silky and smooth. It delivers new, surprising luminosity without product build-up. Thanks to its smart, practical, and manageable 30 ml format, you need never be without your closest beauty ally.

30 ml bottle

  • Argan Oil, strengthens and brightens
  • Forms a protective layer, making hair more manageable
  • Vitamin E, has a powerful antioxidant and anti-ageing action
  • Brightens hair and gives elasticity
  • Protects and nourishes your hair and colour
  • Prevents dryness
  • Reducessplit ends


Argan Time is the exclusive Argan Oil hair treatment made by K-time to give sparkle, silkiness, softness and nourishment to your hair.

Apply evenly to wet skin. Distribute and gently massage. Rinse with water, repeat this operation if necessary.

Distribute uniformly to dabbed hair. Leave on for 5/10 minutes. Optimise the treatment by rinsing with lukewarm water.

Pour a few drops of product into your hands, and gently rub between locks. Used after shampoo makes the blow-drying process easier, fortifies the hair structure, protects hair from heat. Used after blow-drying process is the final touch that enlightens hair, enhances hair sparkle, nourishes and makes hair softer.

Light up your hair with a new light even during the following interventions in the salon! Ask your hair stylist for the application of:

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  • Nourishing Mask 250 ml
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